About Alert Nevada


Here at Alert Nevada, our goal is to provide a safety net for folks living alone and wanting the security of knowing that they can reach out for help at any time.

Introducing ConciergeCare®, the most helpful and personalized medical alarm care in Nevada.

Why ConciergeCare®?

During our many years involved in the home care industry, we observed many seniors who had ordered medical alarms online, but many were still in boxes gathering dust. So we asked a simple question: why are they not being used? We received some interesting responses. Sometimes even simple technology can be overwhelming to our seniors. They did not feel comfortable enough to install the system themselves, and many were too proud to ask for help. Also, there was a hesitation about actually using the system for the first time. Some were worried that by pushing their button, they would be forced into an ambulance against their will and taken away to a hospital or nursing home. Many seniors did not even wear their button for fear of a false alarm or that they would be charged money if it was used. Even though this was not reality, their perception prevented them from actively using the system. This is why it is important that our clients understand how the system works and that they are comfortable using it. Please read about the incredible steps that we take to overcome their fears by clicking on the How We Differ tab above.

  • We have a local office and staff to serve you faster.
  • We have been an established local presence for over 10 years: Over 10,000 clients served.
  • We are family owned and operated; nobody cares more than family.
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau; your assurance of an ethical and responsive company.
  • We are HIPAA Certified in order to help protect your privacy.
  • We are licensed by the City of Henderson and we are insured.