How It Works

So, how exactly does a medical alarm system work?

There are three components: a small radio transmitter (the push button pendant); a console connected to your telephone; and the emergency response monitoring center. These FTC regulated devices are designed to let you summon help with just a push of a button.

When emergency help is needed, you simply press the pendant button; it then sends a wireless signal to the console and the console then dials the monitoring center. Our system dials out even if the phone is in use or is off the hook. The monitoring center operator will then try to determine the nature of the call. Your personal information and contacts are displayed automatically. If you are not able to communicate, then emergency help will be dispatched to assist. Our monitoring station will stay on the phone and monitor the situation until help arrives.


Rarely is the monitoring station acknowledged when discussing medical alarms. Ultimately, your medical alarm system is only as good as the monitoring station. We are proud to have Avantguard Monitoring Centers as our business partner. Over 130,000 subscribers count on Avantguard each and every day. They are among the few medical alarm companies that have two fully redundant Monitoring Centers listed central stations in the United States. The importance of two geographically separated Monitoring Centers cannot be over-emphasized. They have invested heavily to achieve this capacity to ensure our customers' alarm signals will not be lost due to manmade or natural disasters.

Every second counts. Once the connection is made from the console to the monitoring center, Avantguard’s average call response time is averaging at 6 seconds, among the best in the industry!