How We Differ


A highly personalized approach to providing the finest medical alarm experience in Nevada.

From the moment you call us you will notice the difference; we do not employ high pressure salespeople. This is not one of those (800) SELFSERVICE internet companies. Someone will actually come to your home to assess your situation at no charge! And this is just the beginning. Here is a list of what we can do for you:

  • Welcoming phone conversation
  • In-home consultation
  • Safety assessment and recommendations
  • Install and activate the personal emergency response system in the best location
  • Confirm your personal information with the monitoring center
  • Introduce you to the monitoring operator. These professionals will stay on the line with you until help arrives. This is very reassuring during a stressful situation.
  • Range test to assure adequate coverage
  • Custom fit either a wristband or necklace style emergency button
  • Provide a free Vial Of Life (emergency vital information kit) for paramedics
  • Install an outside house key lockbox (free of charge) to speed entrance by paramedics, if needed. This will also greatly reduce the likelihood that your door might be damaged by emergency personnel if you are incapacitated. The monitoring operator will give the key box location and number code only to authorized persons.
  • Explain and complete paperwork
  • Place a contact number reminder magnet on refrigerator for easy future reference

There are no long term contracts, we will bill you monthly. You will also never receive a charge for the basic monitoring equipment; we own and service all of the equipment, so you only pay for the monitoring service.

There is no charge for discontinuing service. We just ask you to call and give us notification, and we will come and pick up the equipment. You can also choose to relocate anywhere in the United Sates and take your system with you!

Also, keep in mind that we make house calls! If you are having any problems, you can call our office during regular business hours or simply press your button to get in touch with the monitoring center. If we can’t fix the problem remotely, then we will come to your home to solve the problem, for free!

Due to the time and travel constraints, we can only offer our ConciergeCare® program to Clark County, NV Households.